The Displaced Hive is an altarpiece of 25 pieces carved in wood and stamped on paper that I started during a three-month stay in Weimar (Germany) in the summer of 2021. This project deals with the aspirational need of man in his search for new ends and its overcrowding, and presents three of the ways in which this overcrowding occurs today; the mass tourism of climbers on Mount Everest, which in 2019 came to form a traffic jam at the summit, as Subin Takuri immortalized in his photographs; the new space race between private companies of great tycoons, transporting tourists to outer space for the first time in history, and; the waves of immigrants, who risk their lives trying to reach borders that are as desirable as they are inaccessible.

The chosen form, as an altarpiece of narrative scenes, provides a link with other traditional human escape routes through religion and allows us to develop a mythological iconography around the three chosen themes.